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Merchandise management system for Amazon & eBay

A must for successful multichannel online business

It's quite clear - if you want to sell your products to as many people as possible, as an online retailer you usually can't get around the big marketplaces Amazon and eBay! And there is no need to!

The advantages of eBay and Amazon are obvious: The two marketplaces have been known and established for years. Millions of national and international potential customers are searching for new products especially on these websites. And the marketplaces offer extensive services for optimal marketing of one's own products. Once you know the rules of the game on the marketplaces, you can do outstanding business there.

And best of all: DreamRobot offers a highly functional connection to both marketplaces with many features and supported services!

With Amazon and eBay to high turnovers


Functions and automations for your sales on Amazon

You would like to sell your products on Amazon? No problem with DreamRobot! For years we expanded our Amazon-App, optimising it regularly and adapting it to the latest conditions on Amazon. This is how we make selling as easy, successful and comfortable as possible for you!

  • fetch orders automatically
  • automatic invoice upload (with or without VCS)
  • VAT and supply thresholds
  • cross-portal quantity comparison for your multichannel strategy
  • import and export data 
  • ship products as prime, business or standard retailer or with Amazon FBA
  • list products to Amazon
  • sell internationally: EU (UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey), America (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil), East Asia and Australia (Australia, Japan)


Functions and automations for your sales on eBay

You want to sell your products on eBay? That is also possible with DreamRobot. Started in 2004 as a pure eBay tool, DreamRobot has grown with the marketplace giant and has developed and connected extensions and functions over time. This means that online retailers can not only sell their products easily on eBay, but also use further functions in DreamRobot such as eBay Payments or eBay Fulfilment by Orange Connex.

  • connect multiple eBay shops
  • transfer information (i.e. shop categories, payment conditions etc.) from your eBay shop to DreamRobot
  • import products from eBay to DreamRobot 
  • list products from DreamRobot to eBay
  • eBay Plus
  • eBay Notifications: get notifications about the current status of your orders
  • eBay Messages: communicate with your customers
  • automatic payment comparison
  • cross-portal quantity comparison
  • eBay Payments
  • manage cancelled pruchases and refunds
  • eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex

Features and automations for your sales on Amazon


Always keep an eye on your stock - fetch Amazon orders automatically and in time

The starting signal: Successful selling

DreamRobot is able to fetch orders automatically which are being purchased on Amazon. The DreamRobot APP Automatic Import can be used for this purpose. This means that the orders are automatically fetched from Amazon without any manual click and listed in DreamRobot in the "Orders"-section. This way you will not miss any orders, even if you sell on several marketplaces or shops simultaneously.

With Amazon you have three order options. Either you store your products in your own warehouse and ship them from there or you use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) or you sell via Amazon Business. You can easily manage all these options with DreamRobot.



Master Amazon Invoices with DreamRobot - automations for your invoicing

The last metres: bills and finances at Amazon

Amazon requires from retailers to file invoices for all sales with Amazon. DreamRobot offers you three options to fulfil this requirement as simply and straightforwardly as possible.

  1. Upload invoices directly from DreamRobot to Amazon (without VCS).
  2. Upload Amazon invoices directly from DreamRobot to Amazon and use Amazon's tax calculation service (with VCS).
  3. Generate Amazon invoices in DreamRobot. 




Whether Amazon FBA, Amazon Prime or standard shipping, choose your Amazon shipping method

Meet Amazon's delivery times with DreamRobot's shipping processing for Amazon

No matter which shipping service provider you use to send your Amazon products: DreamRobot is the hub of your sales with which you are alwys able to overview the current shipping status. This status is also automatically transferred to Amazon, including tracking number and shipping provider.



DreamRobot: The Amazon Lister Tool for your E-Commerce

Get ready to rumble: Make your products fit for selling

With DreamRobot you have two options to list your products to the marketplace. For a quick setup use the "Amazon Seller Central Lister Lite" to attach your products to already existing items on Amazon. Or use our standard listing process for products that are not placed on Amazon yet.



Functions and automations for your sales on eBay

artikel verkaufen

Getting started...

Moving your products from A to B

You have been selling on eBay for a long time and now want to start with DreamRobot? Don't worry, with our eBay import you can easily import products you already put on eBay to DreamRobot. With these few clicks you can access all product information in the DreamRobot warehouse. This saves you hours of manually putting up your products in DreamRobot. Of course, you can also list the items from your DreamRobot warehouse to eBay and start selling on the website as fast as possible. This is made possible with the function DreamRobot Lister.

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For successful selling on eBay: eBay Messages and communication tools for eBay-retailers

3...,2...,1... Here we go: Functions for ongoing operation

If listing to eBay is successful, the first sales will come flashing in. This is how it goes in DreamRobot.


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Keeping an eye on your finances: eBay Payments and refunds for successful deals and satisfied customers

Money, money, money, …

With eBay Payments, you will offer your customers a wide range of payment options without having to conclude contracts with the individual providers yourself. Currently, your customers can pay via credit card, direct debit, Klarna, PayPal as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. You will receive the payment from eBay no later than two days after the purchase has been completed. Of course, payment comparison with DreamRobot also works if you use eBay Payments.

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ebay fulfillment

Outsource shipments? Possible with eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex

After selling: warehouse and shipping

DreamRobot supports eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex. This allows you to ship your products from eBay warehouses and save on storage costs. Even if you sell via other marketplaces or shop systems, you can transfer the shipping of your sales to the eBay warehouse.

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Multichannel e-commerce with DreamRobot

Amazon and eBay are not enough for you? You want to integrate other marketplaces into your e-commerce strategy? These marketplaces have a direct interface to DreamRobot. You can find even more information on our Multichannel page.