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Automate your shipping process to save time and costs

With interfaces to DHL, Hermes, DPD and many more

After the order is before the shipment: With DreamRobot you are also able to automate, manage and handle the shipping process and save time. Inform your customers after dispatching about the status of their order and send documents such as invoices and delivery bills automatically to customers and sales portals.

You can activate several shipping service providers in your DreamRobot account and use them for your shipping process with regard to different purposes:

Include DHL, DPD, GLS, Internetmarke or Hermes in your shipping process or connect the interface to Shipcloud to your account and make use of shipping service providers such as UPS, FedEx, TNT and many more.

Of course you can also outsource your shipping process. Fulfillment providers such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex or iLOPACK are also available in DreamRobot.

How to optimise your shipping process

To make the shipping process easy and uncomplicated as it should, you can set some standardised settings in your DreamRobot account. These settings will make your daily business easier. Reason is: they save you time and effort and even reduce errors.

Group your orders - By grouping your orders concerning the customer's email or shipping adress you can easily send multiple products together in one package. There is also the chance to use standardised sortings for your packing lists and on top of that you can also define which shipment label should be printed depending on i.e. size of the package or country. 

Process all paid orders quickly and easily: Print shipping labels, delivery bills, invoices and return labels!

Use the service of multiple shipping service providers

for optimal delivery

Once your orders have been paid, you will find the orders ready for dispatch in your DreamRobot account in the "Print"-section. Here, you can conveniently and easily prepare the products for shipping. Depending on the shipping service provider you can also activate their unique services.

DHL, for example, provides an age check, express delivery or transport insurance. Define your default shipping service providers and assign package weights or classes in your activated shipment apps. Handle your shipping process quickly and ensure reliable shipment of products for your customers.

Tip: Become a DHL customer in DreamRobot - Benefit from business customer-advantages beginning with the 1st shipment.

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shipping with dhl

1. Send orders conveniently and easily

Select the appropriate shipping service provider for your company out of our shipping apps and start dispatching your orders! We would like to show you in detail how connecting a shipping service provider to your account is set up in DreamRobot, how your items are prepared for shipping, how print labels are printed and how products are delivered using the example of DHL (see video above).

Goods-on-the-go mail

2. Communication is key

Inform customers and sales portals about dispatching

Inform your customers directly that their order is now on its way. Our shipping confirmation e-mail can be sent with one click in the "Deliver"-section and keeps your customers up to date. It contains the tracking info of the responsible shipping service provider, the invoice or a friendly note for your customer. Simultaneously the sales portals are also being informed about the dispatch of your products.


3. Templates for automatically created and customised documents and e-mails

In DreamRobot you can create templates for various documents such as invoices, delivery notes but also emails or confirmation notes. You can add your logo to these templates and use the placeholders to design and structure the documents and emails according to your desires. With the placeholders you can create and edit your documents flexibly without editing them manually. 


Trade successfully online! Made possible with DHL.

DHL Paket is the No. 1 parcel service provider in Germany and the partner of choice in e-commerce. DHL offers a unique infrastructure and, as an innovation leader in the industry, is constantly developing new, customer-oriented solutions for professional parcel shipping and individual parcel receipt. Thus DHL creates the logistic basis for even more e-commerce in Germany and in 220 countries and areas.

Your advantages of combining DreamRobot with DHL:

  • Free use of the DHL connection
  • Only one system for your e-commerce management system
  • Time savings in order processing
  • Convenient use of all DHL products and services
  • Exclusive DreamRobot service: Become a DHL business customer beginning with the very first shipment!

These functions and services are also available to you in the DHL-App:

  • DHL Paket, Warenpost national and DHL Express in just one app.
  • Return management with DHL and DreamRobot:
    • Activate DHL Return API.
    • Create return label (by return slip, QR code or link to returns portal).
  • DHL store routing and other services (age check, ID check, transport insurance, bulky goods or personal handover).
  • Create documents : Create export documents (i.e. customs declarations).
  • Assign weight classes to your parcels: Assign classes for your parcels according to warehouse weight, shipping description or shipping costs.

Deutsche Post

The post service for Germany

Our daily effort for one goal: connecting Germany.

Deutsche Post's product and service portfolio combines the present and future of postal and communications services: from document and products dispatch to secure electronic communications and dialog marketing for private and business customers. At the same time, Deutsche Post is a pioneer of new technologies, such as CO2-neutral shipping and logistics solutions for online retailing.

Your advantages of combining DreamRobot with Deutsche Post:

  • Free use of the Deutsche Post connection
  • Only one system for your e-commerce management system
  • Time savings in order processing
  • Convenient use of all products and services by Deutsche Post for mail and merchandise shipping

These functions are also available to you in the Internetmarke-App:

  • Print postage: for postcards and letters, book and merchandise shipments, press and book international
  • Postage formats: address labels and postage labels
  • Product assignment: Assign products of Internetmarke according to shipping costs, shipping description or warehouse weight.
  • Generate deposit receipt


With the Hermes shipping interface, you can offer your customers shipping products and services by Hermes and benefit from Hermes' simple way of parcel shipping. This includes generating shipping orders and parcel labels, tracking the shipments as well as the commissioning of returns in your DreamRobot system.

These functions are available in the Hermes-App:

  • Interface in DR: connection to Hermes' service offers (i.e. PrivatPaketService, ProfiPaketService, Hermes Shipping Client or Shipping Interface).
  • Define sender addresses: Set addresses by sender. 
  • Parcel class assignment: Assign classes for your parcels according to weight, size or other determinants. 
  • Label assignment: create automated labels and assign them to your parcels.
  • Order transmission: summarised transmission of your orders.


DPD in Germany is part of the international DPDgroup, Europe's second largest parcel service network. DPD has 76 depots and 6,000 stores for parcel pickup in Germany. 8,000 employees and 9,000 parcel carriers are on duty for customers every day. The number 2 in the German parcel market transports around 350 million parcels yearly - and is completely climate-neutral without any additional costs for customers.

In DreamRobot you can choose between the DPD Depot-App and the DPD Cloud-App - depending on your contract with this shipping service provider.

These functions are available to you in both DPD-Apps:

  • Direct connection: interface to your DPD account or to the DPD cloud interface.
  • Data transfer: select customer data you want to transmit
  • Weight transfer to DPD
  • Product class assignment: Assign product classes for your parcels
  • Label assignment: create automated labels and assign them to your parcels.
  • Order transmission: summarised transmission of your orders.


GLS Germany is one of the leading parcel and express service providers in Germany. High quality is at the heart of the service. Working with GLS is easy, secure and convenient because of modern IT solutions. 

These functions are available to you in the GLS-App:

  • Interface: connection to the GLS ShipIT web service.
  • Scalable shipping prices: set shipping prices automatically and based on package weight.
  • Extend GLS services: select additional shipping services such as "LetterBoxService".
  • Label assignment: create automated labels and assign them to your parcels.
  • Order transmission: summarised transmission of your orders.

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