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Optimize your business with DR-APPs

Choose individual features in DreamRobot for an optimal workflow

Todays' E-Commerce demands versatility and high flexibility from either you as retailers and our software. That's why DreamRobot is "build" with many extra-features which you can use individually. These APPs can be activated quickly and easily by a single click helping you to sell your products efficiently and successfully. Design DreamRobot according to your needs and choose from a variety of features within.

DreamRobot is the center for your purchases and sales. All functions and connections beyond the software base can be found in the APP Center. Here you will also find further DreamRobot features that extend the functionality of our software to your needs. 

If you like to sell licenses for example, our App DR-Lizenzverwaltung for licensing purposes is just right for you. If you like to send individual offers to your customers and still process the sales via a software, our App DR Offer Management is perfect for you.

Our free feature-APPs and modules offer the opportunity to use the full potential of DreamRobot for yourself! For example, activate our cross-portal stock synchronisation for free and prevent overselling. Use our templates and create fast and error-free documents and customer-emails! Or take a look at the DR dashboard in the morning and get informed about sales activities, the latest listings or new system notifications and updates.

Expand e-commerce management according to your needs

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All APPs can be customized to your individual requirements.

The Connect-Apps connect your DreamRobot account with the points of sale, service providers and services you need and are perfectly networked at all times.

Test our e-commerce management system now 14 days free of charge with the full range of functions! We would like to support you in the best possible way right from the start with DreamRobot. Therefore we offer a free onboarding service in a live-screenshare-session. You can also use these training sessions for individual questions and get face-to-face advice.

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