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Online warehouse management & warehouse logistics with DreamRobot

From purchasing to reordering to storing by serial number

The warehouse module in DreamRobot allows you to manage your products centrally and keep your stock levels and movements at all times up to date. Once created, you can offer your products on several marketplaces and in your online shop. You can decide individually whether you want to use the general data or store different prices and descriptions.

When new products arrive, the stocks are being updated by using the scan function in DreamRobot. Furthermore it books and transfers the latest stock to the portals.

Overselling is old news - our cross-portal quantity comparison (PÜMA) takes care of it 

The PÜMA stands for cross-portal quantity comparison and ensures that your stock quantity is being reduced from your warehouse stock when orders are being placed. The new stock is sent to the all connected sales channels in real time. On top of that you also limit the stock maximum on each of the sales channels. Of course, you don't have to do without functions such as reserved products, alarm quantities, serial numbers and reordering from your distributor, because we have thought of all the important features for your warehouse.

Comprehensive article information

  • Stock number, article number, article number by distributor, barcode, ASIN, ESA
  • Product designation (it is possible to enter different designations for each portal)
  • Product descriptions (used on your sales channels or your own online shop, settings for different languages, with short description, meta description and keywords)
  • Stock (used on your sales channels, cross-portal quantity comparison, transferable maximum quantities, available remaining stock, reserved stock, minimum stock, alarm for minimum stock, ordered stock and stock that is currently open in current orders)
  • Available stock
  • Stock prices and VAT rate (sales prices for the portals, purchase price, basic price, eBay start price/immediate purchase price, etc., price scale for the shop)
  • Item weight
  • Storage location, storage compartment, fulfillment solution, FBA
  • Images (image URLs for various sales platforms)
  • FBA products, variants, cross-selling
  • Cross-portal quantity comparison with maximum stock

Procurement and reordering made easy

Of course, you can also handle the procurement and reordering of products from your distributor via DreamRobot.

In the "product"-section in DreamRobot you can manage settings for an integrated order concerning your distributor. With this function you are able to reorder your products comfortably. Regardless if it's one item or more, new products can be ordered in a matter of seconds thanks to the clearly structured navigation and convenient handling of DreamRobot.

Are you purchasing the same product from different distributors?

If this is the case you can sort your offers in an order scaling upwards from the lowest purchase price. In case of urgent repeating orders display the fastest distributor to place your order directly there.

By using the history function you can see the exact time and date you placed an order at a particular distributor. Of course, you will also find a complete list of your orders already placed in this area - it's that simple!

  • Distributor ID
  • Basic data
  • Configurable order template
  • Scaling prices
  • Discounts
  • Shipping costs
  • Discounts incl. deadline
  • Order history from distributor
  • Booking directly
  • User administration

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