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Sooner or later online retailers with a multichannel strategy face the challenge to combine their e-commerce processes efficiently and setting up workflows for cross-team work steps. Time-wasting routine tasks stand in the way of success. Therefore, intelligently networked processes and cross-portal automations are a real competitive advantage! Because they save time and personnel costs at the same time and thus sustainably increase sales.

DreamRobot is a software that meets these requirements: It is developed for and with online retailers and is therefore strongly oriented towards the daily workflows and challenges of retailers. As a cloud solution, you can use our e-commerce management system flexibly and across teams. It also offers an extensive repertoire of tools for your multichannel online retailing. Lots of internal functions ensure smooth networking of processes, time-saving automations and interlocking processing of incoming and outgoing data - across all portals! These functions facilitate daily work and prevent overselling and incorrect orders. Our apps connecting you to external solutions so you can create an optimal multichannel strategy: Through connections to online marketplaces, shop systems, shipping services, financial tools, PIM systems, and many more, you can combine your sales channels individually and adapt them to your products and customers.

During the 14-day free trial period of DreamRobot, all functions are already available so you can test how DreamRobot supports and simplifies your trading strategy.

Our team of experts will support you from the start of the trial period, introducing you to the software's functions and help you setting up your DreamRobot account optimally.

Do you want to optimize your online business and make your multichannel strategy more automated and efficient?

DreamRobot helps you with many cross-portal functions, intelligent automations and clear dashboards: