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References & experiences of our customers

DreamRobot supports online retailers in their work on a daily basis and ensures that e-commerce processes are easy and agile with automations and interfaces. Simple and fast processes, intuitive operation and personal support are the adjusting screws that we optimize and expand every day to support our customers in the best possible way. We are happy about every retailer we can help to simplify their daily workflow and take some of their work off their hands! From one-person operations to small teams and medium-sized companies to wholesalers, several hundred online retailers are currently working with our e-commerce management system. Take advantage of this experience and gain insight into the daily work with DreamRobot.

Get an idea of our cloud solution and get inspired by the experiences and success stories of our customers:

Big business in e-commerce and wholesaler

The various connections to the most important e-commerce platforms and service providers, the extensive functions for smooth selling on multiple portals, and the willingness to also include individual customer requests in the planning of software development have also convinced many large companies to work with DreamRobot. The desire to provide our customers the chance to put their individual wishes and services into practice and to grow with our customers, has led to the creation of the DreamRobot E-Commerce Hub. Our largest plan is completely specialized as middleware for individual customer strategies and flexible e-commerce solutions.

From rising retailers to mid-sized companies

Small and medium-sized retail companies with a multichannel sales strategy can work optimally with the DreamRobot Classic solution: selling on different platforms, fast and easy order processing, uncomplicated shipping and connections to further e-commerce service providers from the areas of finance, taxes, law & security and others enable a holistic e-commerce strategy with only one software solution at the center.

From a one-person operation to a small team

One-man or one-woman businesses and small teams can optimally start into the world of e-commerce with DreamRobot and sell their products via their own shop or via online marketplaces. Two of our customers tell us how the start into e-commerce went for them:

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Were our customers able to convince you?

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