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DreamRobot & Shopify: E-Commerce management and online shop perfectly combined

Online retailers want to focus on one goal first and foremost:selling successfully. But if half of the working time is spent dealing with complicated and unnecessarily convoluted software, then the goal is clearly missed.

It's the year 2022 - we MUST do better.

Spoiler: It can get better!

With the combination of our cloud-based e-commerce management system DreamRobot and Shopify's handy online shop system, you can focus on the essentials: Selling. Getting revenues. Acquire customers. DreamRobot takes care of the rest.

You want to get started with DreamRobot and Shopify right away?

Nothing could be easier: just create a DR free trial account and request a Shopify demo shop setup at our support or in the Shopify app. With just one click your request will be sent to our Shopify team at DreamRobot and we'll instantly set up a demo shop for you.

Your access data will be sent to you via email - so you can start using Shopify on the spot! In addition to the demo shop you will receive all-round support concerning your shop and a free support phone call for DreamRobot and Shopify!

Modern, comfortable, convenient

Process your daily business with just a few clicks: fetch orders, check incoming payments, dispatch products - done! Always keep an overview. Set up new connections with easeSave a lot of time, because DreamRobot's automations handle it for you. This is how confident and successful online trading works today. DreamRobot is your key to the world of e-commerce and comes with connections to all important marketplaces, sales platforms as well as payment and shipping service providers. Benefit from our know-how, our experience and our agility. DreamRobot has successfully been part of the e-commerce landscape for nearly 20 years. 

Request Shopify DemoShop Test DreamRobot & Shopify

DreamRobot + Shopify = Win!

A very simple formula. It's actually really that simple. You want to get started asap with your own online shop? Then put your business on a solid, reliable foundation right from the start. Your two pillars? DreamRobot and your Shopify shop.

The fact that Shopify has become one of the most popular online shop systems in a very short time is neither hype nor coincidence. How could it be otherwise? Shopify offers fast and comfortable onboarding and extremely simple usability. In just a few minutes the shop is set up and can be customized both visually and functionally to meet any requirement, any product, any CI and personal taste provided by modern and versatile templates and a collection of optional apps. With this enormous range of functions, your shop can easily grow along with your success: expand your shop according to your desires, because Shopify is not only for beginners, but also for the advanced!

Who has time to work through complex instructions, confusing menus and unhelpful tutorials? Time can be better spent - for example: in selling! Whether you are just starting with online selling or looking for a better solution for your existing business: The combination of DreamRobot and Shopify is the contemporary, reliable and time-saving solution for e-commerce management.

Step by step to your own online shop

Your advantages when you let our expert team create your Shopify shop:

  1. You can test Shopify for free in 14 day-trial.
  2. You will receive a free online training for DreamRobot and Shopify: We will show you how to create your dream shop with Shopify and how to effectively use DreamRobot for your daily tasks: Connect your shop, fetch orders and manage them in an uncomplicated way.
  3. You get first-level support free of charge with your demo shop included. Our specially trained Shopify support-team is ready for you.

Shopify-Connector for DreamRobot: Monthly usage fee 15,00 € plus VAT. Please note: The costs Shopify charges for using an online shop are exclusive.

Request Shopify Demo ShopBook free training

Let's get this straight...

Why Shopify is the perfect choice for your online shop

  • Easy, time-saving handling - your Shopify shop makes your everday-business easier, not harder!

  • Fast set up 

  • Due to its scalability, Shopify grows with your success!

  • Unlimited cloud capacity

  • Unlimited stock

  • Own blog included

  • 4 free responsive standard templates and additional inexpensive templates

  • Integrated marketing tools

  • Shopify Appstore: Choose out of numerous free and paid apps that you can individually extend your shop with.

  • Huge number of payment service providers

  • Guaranteed safety and maintenance

  • Restore abandoned purchases. Virtual shopping cart left standing? No problem!

  • Integrate your social media: sell on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. Availability of channels varies by country. 

  • Free SSL certificate

Why is DreamRobot one of the most popular solutions for e-commerce management?

  • Broad collection of connections

  • Extensive automations

  • Suitable plans for every business size and every budget

  • Free support via telephone, e-mail and chat as well as support transitioning from your test phase to ongoing everyday-business

  • Cloud-based and therefore accessible from anywhere at any time. Save yourself time-consuming and pricey installation of software on every device!

  • Avoid overselling

  • With our DR-APPs you can easily customise DreamRobot to your needs and your use behaviour.

  • Amazon, eBay, Kaufland and/or OTTO? Yes, and much more!

  • Clear evaluations and statistics for controlling and optimisation of the product catalogue

  • Perfectly suited also for working in a team

  • Error-free picking and packing via app - optimised for work in any warehouse!

Request a Shopify demo shop now and enjoy its benefits