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DreamRobot - The company and its history

Who we are, where we come from and where we are going

The hour of birth

The first software components of DreamRobot were born in 2003. It was conceived as a pure software solution for eBay power sellers, and that's where our story began. After the very successful launch, our target setting was quickly clear: versatility and true multi-channeling!

From then on, our development was aimed precisely in this direction. We have always placed particular emphasis on quick and easy operation and direct interfaces to the various marketplaces, e-commerce platforms and shop systems. DreamRobot is constantly being developed further, most recently through our DreamRobot-APPs. With those a user can expand our e-commerce management system with desired functions and thus individualize it. On this way we are responding to today's status quo, to the trend towards individualisation. Just as we always closely observe and respond to the exciting trends and sometimes breathtaking changes in e-commerce!

You want to be part of it?

As a certified IHK training company, we place great value on extensive training and are proud that former trainees now strengthen our team of developers. We have three trainees in different training years in our team at any time.