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REST API - The flexible interface to the world of e-commerce

DreamRobot is the merchandise management system that offers you numerous functions, automations and an interface for managing your online trade. We use a scalable and flexible interface to enable you the connection to online marketplaces, stores and many other service providers. Every interface we offer you can find in the DR-APP-Center.

Standardized and open for new things!

This interface ensures fast and secure data transfer from A to B and transmits all data that needs to get from one server to another. DreamRobot uses a REST API to do this. Thanks to this interface, our merchandise manager is open for new connections and new systems! We use the REST API for the development of new connections and functions for DreamRobot.

You can also use the REST API for your business!

You want to use a service provider or a sales platform that you can't find in the APP-Center yet? Then the REST API is exactly the right thing for you! The REST API is a programmable interface that allows you to connect external software to DreamRobot - or vice versa! Simply connect DreamRobot to your software and use the functions of our software. Use the REST API to send information from the external software to DreamRobot at any time. And in the other direction, transfer data from DreamRobot to the software. Create an individual network for your e-commerce with the help of our REST API!

Your possibilities: This is what our REST API can do

Our REST API can process these calls and requests:

  • Request stock data, create stock items and set or update them in portals. You can process variants and sets, use our cross-portal quantity comparison, transfer item descriptions, create, retrieve lister and stock data from the online marketplaces like amazon or eBay, as well as stock data from the DreamRobot apps (e.g. Woocommerce, Shopify, Idealo, etc.) and set/update in the portal.
  • You can create, retrieve, update orders (e.g. change status or address) and also send the shipping confirmation email. You can create remittances, retrieve customer data, and create and retrieve DreamRobot tasks.
  • You can register the event handler (a reaction is generated to a certain action, such as the change of order status or sending an email or a push notification).

Use Cases: REST API in Aktion

To give you a better idea of how our REST API can be used, we asked our customers! Discover what the REST API can do for you with the help of examples:

Example 1: From the everyday life of our customers

Matthias Kugel is a DreamRobot user and the IT administrator of Medi-Inn Online GmbH. They use dreamRobot as their merchandise management system and run an online shop for medical products of all kinds. You can find hygiene products for the workplace, health care facilities, gastronomy and much more. The company has connected to a financial service provider via the REST API to transmit its billing data to them.

"This service provider handles the financial accounting for us. Although DreamRobot also offers the option of exporting data via CSV file, the data transfer via REST API is still the most convenient option for us, as it is fully automated. We are completely satisfied with the REST API so far. We also consider the fee model to be very transparent and fair."

Matthias Kugel - Medi-Inn Online GmbH

Many customers also use our REST API to import warehouse and other data from an external system to DreamRobot. In addition, the API can be used to transfer data to an external fulfilment service provider and then play back the processing status incl. shipment number to DreamRobot. Espeially the stability of our REST API is convincing for our customers in their daily work.

Example 2: Connecting an online shop

Some of our customers use the REST API to connect their own shop system to DreamRobot. This can be useful if your desired shop connector does not currently exist in the DreamRobot App-Center or if you want to use individual retrievals.

You can first simply create warehouse items as the first step. Then you register the events you need to report from DreamRobot to your software. For examle you can edit or upload an item to you online shop or you can trigger the cross-portal quantity comparison. In this way, you can use the API to list your items in the shop, keep them up to date and carry out constant stock balancing.

If a sale has been made via the shop system, this can be imported into DreamRobot via the REST API. DreamRobot uses the reference to the stock item to automatically adjust the number of items in your warehouse. In addition, the cross-portal quantity comparison is triggered automatically. You can also use a special event that trigger the report of the shipping notification and the tracking informations to your shop. So you don't have to do anything manually anymore. 

You also want to get started and use the REST API for your e-commerce business?

Great! Then these are your next steps:

  1. Simply write us an e-mail at with the subject "REST API activation". We will send you all the necessary data you need for the connection.

  2. You will initially receive a test access that is free of charge for 14 days and then automatically switches to the dormant standby plan. As soon as you select a paid follow-up plan, the use of the API is immediately activated again.

  3. For your technician or your agency, we have of course always provided an up-to-date version of the interface documentation. This allows you to create the interface optimally. If you have any questions or are unsure when creating certain calls, our support is available to you free of charge. One of our REST API experts will be happy to help you!

  4. Your technicians who carry out the connections of the REST API on your behalf can use the REST API within the scope of a free DreamRobot developer account.

Use the REST API flexibly for your online business

No matter which DreamRobot tplan you have - you can add the use of the REST API on a monthly basis. The price scale is based on the number of calls you need. Should you ever exceed the monthly available workload, that's no big deal. We understand that online trading is a flexible business: Fluctuating sales figures or listing processes do occur. Within 30 days, you can exceed the limit three times with double the number of calls.

So with a 5,000 tariff, you can also make up to 10,000 calls per day in individual cases. You can choose the price model that suits your needs under "ADMIN -> MyAccount -> DR REST API Accesses -> Manage Accesses" and get started:

Calls per dayMonthly costs in € plus VAT.
max. 50010,00 €
max. 5.000 50,00 €
max. 25.000150,00 €
Bis 100.000500,00 €
Standby-Plan0,00 €


Individual and flexible

The implementation is entirely up to you, so you can create the functions and call-offs you need yourself. You don't have a technician who can do this for you?

There are now many agencies that specialize in just such programming. You don't need to customize anything in DreamRobot itself.

Our merchandise management receives calls from the external software via the REST API and returns data or starts functions in DreamRobot.


You want more? The middleware solution for your e-commerce business

You can already transfer and use a lot of data and functions via our standard REST API. However, if this range of functions is not enough for you, contact us about the DreamRobot E-Commerce Hub. With the E-Commerce-Hub we extend the REST API individually according to your wishes and needs.

For example, you can connect your ERP or PIM system to DreamRobot's core system. This allows your ERP system to access DreamRobot's functions, automations and interfaces. We develop new interfaces and functions for you individually and on customer request. Learn more about our middleware solution now.