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Your online shop + our e-commerce manager = connected to success

Shopify or Magento? Sure! WooCommerce? Of course! Shopware? Yup!

Connecting your shop to DreamRobot - it's that easy!

We are serious about multichanneling! Our goal is to provide online retailers the best tool for efficient multichannel commerce with our e-commerce management solution. That's why DreamRobot is not only perfect for selling on major marketplaces, but also has a large number of shop connectors.

  1. Create an account with DreamRobot and set it up in no time, so you can use DreamRobot to process orders clearly,  securely and quickly.

  2. In the DR APP-Center, select the desired DR APP of the shop system you are using.

  3. Open the app and log in to your shop.

  4. Manage the app's settings according to your needs.

  5. Done! The connection to your shop is now active. Next time your orders are being fetched by DreamRobot, the orders from your external shop will also appear in the order's section. 

Connected in no time

The connection of your DreamRobot account to the shop system of your choice was done in record time. It was important to us to make this process as convenient and uncomplicated as possible, so that you can get started as quickly as possible and also record fantastic sales with your shop (or shops)!

DreamRobot offers shop connectors to: